Backing Up With Ruby

Posted by on March 21, 2011 in Development, General | 0 comments

Backing up is important thing todo.  I’ve investigated many options I was looking for something cheap and that works with linux and mac.  Carbonite is a great backup solution, but I have multiple computers and it’s limited to just one computer unless I go with a more expensive Carbonite Pro solution.  Sadly Carbonite doesn’t work with Linux.  So I chose to go with Amazon S3 which allows me store data in bulk and cheaply (I was doing 35gb for around 4 dollars a month).

But how to backup?

This past week at work one of the ruby guys sent me a link to Backup, a ruby gem that handles all types of backups.   It when I found Backup it didn’t have support for S3Sync yet but I just opened an issue and Michael had it in the gem with in hours. All in all I would say that if you want a custom backup solution you should really install Backup and try it out.

Here is my example config for backing up my storage directory vi S3Sync

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